The Crawfordsville Strawberry Festival

Performed By
Steve Fairchild

 The Crawfordsville Strawberry Festival’s Entertainment Chairman, Sean Gerald, works throughout the year to find our signature entertainers for Friday and Saturday nights.  Our festival has become well known for providing top notch entertainers on stage that fills the festival grounds and provides FREE, top quality entertainment.  2020 will be no exception.

Friday night will see the exciting songs and music of Garth Brooks brought to life by tribute artist Steve Fairchild.  Steve has toured all over the country doing concerts, fairs and corporate shows.

A strong supporter of our military services, he did a tour visiting bases all over the world including Japan, Singapore and Diego Garcia.

Crowd reactions have made it easy for Steve to be successful.  “I love to talk to the crowds and get them involved in my shows, Steve has commented.  “After all, entertaining is what performing is all about”.

 As you have guessed, Steve is a huge Garth Brooks fan.  He enjoys performing the music that has made such an amazing career for Brooks.  Back in May 2014, Brooks’ total album sales had reached 69,544,000 copies which made him the bestselling album artist in the United States, ahead of such entertainers as the Beatles (65,730,000), Metallica (54,365,000), Mariah Carey (54,280,000) and Celine Dion (52,234,000).  He has not slowed down.

If you enjoy the many great songs that Garth Brooks has recorded over the years, this is one performance show you can’t miss.  Steve Fairchild is Garth Brooks.  Show time is 8:30pm.  Plan to arrive early with your lawn chair to get a good seat.  As we like to brag, all of our entertainment, including this unforgettable Friday night performance is FREE.